An easy way to limit risk of getting ripped (for newbies like me)

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An easy way to limit risk of getting ripped (for newbies like me)

I assume this is not a science, it's only the way i do my search and i buy some stuff in this forum without getting ripped
This procedure will work with almost all the thing you are looking for in this forum.

1st step; go to "services only", and then choose the service u want (it can be "sell cc +cvv" , "enroll, accounts, ssn", "cashout services & drops for stuff", "dumps only", etc...)

2nd step: when u are in the section u need, sort all the threads by views (click on views, and it will sort the threads from the most viewed to the less viewed"
This will help u know, which has been around for a long time, that means they are stable vendors. u can also check how many "replies" there is on that thread.

3rd step: access to the thread with the most views and check the replies.
u'll see some with only good feedbacks, and some with some good feedbacks but a lots of bad feedbacks. i advise u to choose the one with less bad feedbacks.

By this i'm not telling u not to buy from new vendors, but in order to have ur first deals with maximum satisfaction this a good method.

There are also some good new sellers; But how can u know that?
By reading the feedbacks once again, but this time not all feedbacks! Actually if there is a new vendor with a lot of good feedbacks from new buyers, that sound suspicious to me.
So i only look for feedbacks from old buyers, u can also see where they buy their stuff by reading their posts, so u know where to go, and where to not!

I'm saying this because sometimes u need some stuff and ur usual vendor is not around, so u are afraid of gettng ripped, specially when what u want is urgent. So don't be afraid to try "SOME" new vendors, just check their reputation carefully.

This can sound quite long to do, and boring, but it is worth it. it will help u preserve ur time and ur money.

Good Luck to everyone

(c.) slevin


i do this,and never ripp by verified, but valid rate and results no so good many times,thanks for post


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